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Professional Tips


Here are a few quick pointers on planting grass seed. Ground Prep: When putting down grass seed in larger areas it is best to use a tiller or ground rake to break up the top two inches of soil. This helps the grass seed germinate in easily permeable soil which will increase the root depth […]


Fertilizer can give your lawn a healthy look for months to come by helping turf grass roots to expand and choke out weeds. Weed and feed is a cost effective way to make your lawn look better in early and late spring. Be careful not to over fertilize your lawn as this can damage your […]

Client Testimonials

Purvis Lawn and Landscape has provided me with excellent, dependable service. When it comes to having a landscape project, whether big or small, Purvis Lawn and Landscape is the place to call. They are always professional and their prices are exceptional. Thank you for all your work!

Andy D.

My wife and I are consistently impressed with the quality, care, knowledge, and reliability of Purvis Lawn and Landscape. They’ve cared for our lawn the past three years and we recently hired them to do landscape work — they exceeded our expectations. They are also very friendly, respectful of our property, and work quickly.

Jim W.